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Classic and Custom Works is run by brother and sister team Rob and Katrina.

Rob set up Classic and Custom Works 14 years ago and has specialised in restoring classic, vintage and cherished vehicles ever since.

But it didn’t start there...
Rob started young at just 4 years old restoring a Morris Minor with his father... the seeds were sown early with this one!
His first part time job at 14 was in a local body shop... he could restore a car before he left school!
Once he left school Rob went to refine his skills at BMW and other respected body shops before setting up Classic and Custom Works.

Rob and the team of experienced restorers are passionate about what they do... cut them and they’ll bleed a mixture of petrol & paint.
Katrina meanwhile keeps them all in check and makes sure that Classic and Custom Works runs smoothly.

Whether you need your car restoring, repainting, repairing or modifying, you can trust Classic & Custom Works to give your vehicle the same care and attention you’d give it yourself.  

Please get in touch to discuss how we can help you and your vehicle. 

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